The refreshing scent of lemongrass is the expression of your oneness with nature, the ultimate versatility.

Ever come home with those shoulder muscles tensed, neck stiffed, legs aching and your back, uh, uncomfortably painful? – you’re having an episode.

This particular  oil is one of life’s little comforts which allows you to luxuriate, like a little child floating on a puffy cloud. We have dedicated this merchandise just for you. Apply some of our lemongrass body oil when you’re finishing a bath or getting that well-deserved body massage for unsurpassed, serene comfort.

lemongrass mixing set up


Clear the tension. Soothe the body. Cleanse the spirit.

Try our SKIN EPISODE: Lemongrass Body Oil

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Raf Ramos

Skin Episodes by RAF. Lemongrass Body Oil, 236ml on amber plastic bottle, $10. Lemongrass Essential Oil, 10ml on amber glass bottle, $10. Distributed by RAFXCHANGE, Los Angeles CA, USA. Visit RAFXCHANGE.com

For External use only. Keep away from reach of children.