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Raf favorite fragrances
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RAF™️ FAVORITE FRAGRANCES – RAF, Charvet, Haley and Happie

Introducing our favorite fragrances created by RAF. The perfect gifts for the holidays. RAF Charvet 15ml is inspired by its joyful, radiant and elegant charm. The intriguing fragrance of an orange blossom plays with its radiant personality. Like that elegant lady greeting her peers in bright, cool, calm Monday morning. Her scent of joyfulness brings smile …


Herbs, Oils and Nature: Feverfew

The name came from the Latin word “febris” for fever and “fugure” meaning to chase away. No wonder this delicate and festidious feverfew flowers and leaves are marvelously effective for preventing and relieving headaches and migraines. Although, how this plant does prevent headaches and migraines is still not completely understood. A review of some published clinical …


Herbs, Oils & Nature: Butterbur

Having a migraine? Butterbur. Start reaping the benefits today! The gargantuan leaves and creeping rhizomes of butterbur are sources of an extract for migraine pain. However, this plant has been used for various respiratory conditions including, coughs and asthma. The Perasites Hybridus or Butterbur, is also known to herbal practitioners to reduce inflammations and as …


Herbs, Oils and Nature

“We live in exciting and enlightening times: The future of aromatherapy is very bright indeed if we embrace traditional aromatic knowledge in the light of contemporary understanding.” – Jennifer Peace Rhind A more satisfying life is being forwarded interestingly, by a trend of eating organic food, freshly made juices and drinks, the consumption of botanically-based …