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SKIN EPISODES+ Hand Sanitizer Spray Orange by RAF®

We recognize the realities of today. Skin Episodes+ Hand Sanitizer Spray Orange is an essential to our daily living keeping our hands clean and fresh. Make RAF® your new brand for personal care product. Who you buy from can be as important as what you buy. Get your Skin Episodes+ Hand Sanitizer Spray Orange by RAF® today. …

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Skin Episodes+ Hand Sanitizer Spray by RAF

Skin Episodes+ is a new RAF® brand that focuses on products that assist your skin health for your daily lifestyle. This month, Skin Episodes+ launches the first Hand Sanitizer Sprays at 59ml. The Skin Episodes+ Hand Sanitizer Spray are with oils available in Lemongrass, Green Tea, Lemon, Tea Tree and Orange and contains 70% ethyl alcohol. The …


Herbs, Oils & Nature: Garlic

I love garlic! It is a key ingredient in a lot of cuisines across almost every culture. Not to mention that today, garlic is well used to prevent a lot of symptoms or diseases including how to fight vampires kidding! – to regulate cholesterol levels, reduce high blood pressure, treat heart disease and supports our …


Herbs, Oils & Nature: Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is a familiar to many as household plant, even I have it. But, its cultivation is known for its cooling astringent gel popularized for its power to soothe irritated skin, sun burns, scrapes and minor woulds since the time of the ancient Egyptians. However, Aloe may delay in healing for deep, open …



Every person has an episode. We all have different skins and tend to address them differently. Some skins are dry, some are oily and are normal. How we take care of them is what makes it unique. We want to be sensitive, sensual, rejuvenated and some with a little bit of fun. RAF® provides these products …


Herbs, Oils & Nature: Chamomile

Chamomile took its name from the Greek word meaning “apple”, a reference to the distinct apple scent when it is crushed. The ancients Egyptians revered the Matricaria recutita or Chamomile for its healing powers that they dedicated it to the Gods – sacred to the Sun God Ra as did to the Teutons, who dedicated …


SKIN EPISODES: Bergamot Body Oil

Bergamot is known for its unexcelled soothing scent, spicy taste and sets the standard for wide range of uses. The oil is extracted from the rinds of citrus fruit that grow on Bergamot orange trees. It is currently grown in many parts of the world. It has achieved its prominence and name in the town …

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