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Herbs, Oils and Nature: Feverfew

The name came from the Latin word “febris” for fever and “fugure” meaning to chase away. No wonder this delicate and festidious feverfew flowers and leaves are marvelously effective for preventing and relieving headaches and migraines. Although, how this plant does prevent headaches and migraines is still not completely understood. A review of some published clinical …



The refreshing scent of lemongrass is the expression of your oneness with nature, the ultimate versatility. Ever come home with those shoulder muscles tensed, neck stiffed, legs aching and your back, uh, uncomfortably painful? – you’re having an episode. This particular  oil is one of life’s little comforts which allows you to luxuriate, like a …


Herbs, Oils & Nature: Butterbur

Having a migraine? Butterbur. Start reaping the benefits today! The gargantuan leaves and creeping rhizomes of butterbur are sources of an extract for migraine pain. However, this plant has been used for various respiratory conditions including, coughs and asthma. The Perasites Hybridus or Butterbur, is also known to herbal practitioners to reduce inflammations and as …



Everybody loves desserts.It satisfies the soul. The cravings for a delightful sweet tepid lava chocolate cake captivating your palettes with a side of smooth French vanilla ice cream appealing with a warm milk chocolate syrup is pure ecstasy and sheer bliss. Reward yourself with this craving without gaining the sugars and calories. Imagine the fun …


Herbs, Oils and Nature

“We live in exciting and enlightening times: The future of aromatherapy is very bright indeed if we embrace traditional aromatic knowledge in the light of contemporary understanding.” – Jennifer Peace Rhind A more satisfying life is being forwarded interestingly, by a trend of eating organic food, freshly made juices and drinks, the consumption of botanically-based …



The pulse-pounding aroma of a freshly brewed coffee is enough to wake you up. But, that first pour on your favorite mug, that first riveting sip that touches your palette, as you slowly gulp into experience its warm sensation within… it is basically a deciding factor of how vibrantly productive your day is going to …



Let your imagination soar! This October, RAFXCHANGE would be releasing a new product line for RAF called “Skin Episodes”. Our brand will produce a sustainable product that has some of the most famous and delicious scents you’ll ever have. You’ll be in for a gratifying time! Each item responds to every skin episode that you …



Our products tell more about you! Since the founding of  RAFXCHANGE in 2015, we have known you to be highly selective when it comes to quality. Thanks to your support and being an active member of our community, we are able to improve, progress and produce more products that meets your expectations, including the launching …


Vancouver is your adrenaline-packed destination

If you love being bold and adventurous, you will love Vancouver. An awe-inspiring forest, gorgeous shore mountains, fresh air and majestic views of nature.   Vancouver is your adventure destination. Match this outdoor exploration with the rich aromas of Patchouli, Tanka Bean and the scents of Vanilla and Praline. – RAF Ambitious RAF is the …


Tokyo: My favorite destination

This much-loved destination will require you to be ready for a high-energy, jam-packed experience. For a city filled with shops and endless eating, a buzzing nightlife, Tokyo should be one of your travel destinations.   Face Tokyo’s energy-filled experience with the delightful fragrance of Animal Moss, Amber, Sandal and Patchouli, deep, intense, playful and provocative. Be RAF …


Italian Trip – Dazzling

I would describe Italy as vibrant and romantic. I remember the days when my spouse and I spent in the streets of Italy, wandering to what it seems like, the garden of romance. If you are looking for flowering blooms, Rome would be a place for abloom inspiration.   Bring the secret gardens of the city …

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