The pulse-pounding aroma of a freshly brewed coffee is enough to wake you up. But, that first pour on your favorite mug, that first riveting sip that touches your palette, as you slowly gulp into experience its warm sensation within… it is basically a deciding factor of how vibrantly productive your day is going to be.

Awaking the senses, dramatically getting that thrill of energy flowing, and feeling the vibrant balance of life, that is what coffee can do among many things. If drinking coffee helps you to get through the day, keeping your mind awake and your eyes open, try involving your skin as it stirs emotions and rouses your senses.

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body that is exposed to all toxics that it absorbs daily. Give your skin cells an explosive boost, not just your mind and eyes. Look fresh with an active skin, feel young, stunning and energized.

It’s time for an exhilarating shake up!




Skin Episodes by RAF. Coffee Body Oil, 236mL on amber plastic bottle, $10. Coffee Essential Oil, 10mL on amber glass bottle, $10. Distributed by RAFXCHANGE, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Visit RAFXCHANGE.com

For external use only. Keep away from reach of children.