Every person has an episode. We all have different skins and tend to address them differently. Some skins are dry, some are oily and some are simply normal. How we take care of them is what makes each unique. We can be sensitive, sensual, rejuvenated and fun. RAF™️ provides these products and we call them SKIN EPISODES.

SKIN EPISODES: Lemongrass Body Oil

The aroma itself will put your heart rate at ease, lax your tensions and stress. Feel it’s calming power as it spreads through your body. Calm down, it’s time to relax. SKIN EPISODES: Lemongrass Body Oil by RAF™️.





Do you love massages with a delicate flavor and scent of your favorite dessert? Forget about those sugary guilt and satisfy both your body and cravings. Get our Skin Episodes: Chocolate Body Oil by RAF™️.





Known for its aromatic charm that helps relieve anxiety, nausea and certain forms of pain. This body oil is also perfect for symptoms of sprain, muscle aches and headaches. Try our Skin Episodes: Bergamot Body Oil by RAF™️.





Rejuvenate in the midst of stress and fatigue. Re-energize your skin, cells and muscles. Wake your brain with a refreshing sensation of our SKIN EPISODES: Coffee Body Oil by RAF™️.


Use for post-bath, body massage and can be used as needed. For external use only. Consult your doctor if symptoms of skin irritation or allergy occur. Keep away from reach of children and store in room temperature.