The RAF MMXIX Non-Alcoholic Roll-On

The RAF Perfume Roll-On

The RAF Perfume reminds me of my years in the financial industry always wearing a suit, a young professional youthful, firm and bold, you could actually feel the scent of white musk riding in the air – soft, sexy and fresh.  

This scent boosts my confidence, my posture, like a Somebody walking in the hallway with his new suits on. While at that my moment you can smell the sensuous trail of balance of warmed Vanilla, Jasmine and Iris that will make people turn their heads towards you.

Our premium perfume offers a rich fragrance and can be costly as there is no alcohol in the formula. Apply on pulse points where heat from the body diffuses the scent. The form fuses with skin. It can be used alone or applied on top of your Eau De Parfum/Eau De Toilette to personalize a fragrance.

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The RAF MMXIX Roll-On, 10 ml, Perfume, Packed in the USA, $25 each.