Everybody loves desserts.It satisfies the soul. The cravings for a delightful sweet tepid lava chocolate cake captivating your palettes with a side of smooth French vanilla ice cream appealing with a warm milk chocolate syrup is pure ecstasy and sheer bliss.

Reward yourself with this craving without gaining the sugars and calories. Imagine the fun you’ll have with the gratifying scents of the Chocolate Body and Essential oils. You can give in to the temptation without carrying the guilt of a quick mouth-watering surrender.

chocolate cake with strawberry oil

Satisfy your cravings today.

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Skin Episodes by RAF. Chocolate Body Oil, 236mL on amber plastic bottle, $10. Chocolate Essential Oil, 10mL on amber glass bottle, $10. Distributed by RAFXCHANGE, Los Angeles CA, USA. Visit RAFXCHANGE.com 

For external use only. Keep away from reach of children.